CNS Education and Research Fund

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What it means to fund-raise for Education and Research Fund

Ever since its establishment in 1946 as School of Science in College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, SNU College of Natural Sciences(CNS) has served as a driving force for the development of our country by educating and inspiring prospective scientists. Such tradition has continued until today, as many of the alumni and current faculties became world-class scholars in their fields. Many great scholars recognize SNU CNS as one of the top 20 schools in the world. Beyond Korea, SNU CNS proceeds to the world stage now.

However, the internal and external circumstances of SNU CNS are not that bright. Science and technology universities under Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning are fully supported by the government, whereas SNU CNS is hardly supported by the government. There are many obstacles to overcome in order to gain a competitive advantage over other universities, yet governmental and university's financial support are far too low. Our society is laid out in the way that young scientists are urged by circumstances to choose higher-paying careers instead of basic science.

In 21st century, we desperately need creation of knowledge more than ever. In such effort, CNS is meant to be the frontier. There is still hope because the most creative talents in Korea are entering CNS. In order to use the domestic and global dynamic educational environment as a steppingstone, better research infrastructure is needed. Above all, financial support for the graduate students is needed so that they can focus on studying and doing research without financial burden. Only after such problems are solved can they do adventurous and creative research rather than chasing for short-term solutions. So that they can challenge the struggles humanity has faced, achieve the extraordinary, and ultimately benefit the society they live in.

We kindly ask you to support us so that SNU CNS can bring about bright future. Even the smallest contribution would help us become a world-leader in the basic science education and research, and we promise it will make a huge difference for deserving students. Now is the time to make a steadfast promise of financial support for your juniors, alma mater, and homeland. Help us move confidently toward the future and maintain the value of the SNU degree.

Thank you for your support.

College of Natural Sciences Education and Research Fund Committee
Chairman, Cho, Wankyu (Senior advisor of International Vaccine Institute Korea Supporters Group, Former Dean of College of Natural Sciences, Former President of SNU, 32nd Minister of Education)

Committee member


Kim, Myungja (Chief director of Green Korea 21 Forum, Former professor at SookMyung University, 7th Minister of Environment, 17th Assemblyman)



Kwon, Sookil (CEO of Korean Academy, Former Dean of College of Natural Sciences, Former Minister of Science and Technology)



Jang, Howan (Syndic of The Korean Academy of Science and Technology, Former Dean of College of Natural Sciences,

Former Chief of Korea Institue of Geoscience and Mineral Resources)



Hong, Seongdae (Chief director of Educational Foundation Sang San Private School)


Privileges for Donators of Education and Research Fund

For donators only, "commemorative plaque on the seats of Mok-Am Hall"

· If you donate equal to or more than 3,000,000 KRW, a customized chair plaque will be made and installed in Mok-Am Hall.
· As a commemoration of your support, your name and your message to the College of Natural Sciences students will be engraved on the plaque, leaving legacy for your juniors.

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