Natural Sciences, The Essence of National Competitiveness


Natural science is the study of all natural phenomena and the universal laws hidden therein. It is also the foundation of nearly all modern technologies such as biotechnology, medicine, information and communication technology, nano technology, energy and environmental science, and quantitative finance modeling.


As a world-leading institution of education and research, SNU College of Natural Sciences(CNS) is the home of eight departments (of Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Statistics and Brain and Cognitive Sciences) and six interdisciplinary graduate programs (in History and Philosophy of Science, Genetic Engineering, Neuroscience, Bioinformatics, Computational Sciences and Technology, Biophysics and Chemical Biology). 227 faculty members, 1000 undergraduates, and 2000 graduate students and researchers are working round the clock in their endeavor to unravel the ultimate secrets of nature.

SNU CNS has a rather short history of 40 years now, unlike many other prestigious universities around the world that have built their legacy over the course of hundreds of years. I am proud to note that CNS has rapidly emerged as a new global powerhouse in the scientific world, but I am more proudly projecting that discoveries unseen elsewhere and technologies that will transform the world beyond our wildest imagination will be brought forth in volume here at our Gwanak campus in the future. Young students at SNU today, inspired by the wonders of nature, will become scientists in near future, elucidating the secrets of nature.


I hope that all the members of CNS work together with sincere hearts to make CNS a beautiful and warm place to live and breathe in. Thank you.