GLEAP (Global LEAdership Program)

자연과학대학 gleap 이미지


GLEAP is an official organization established by College of Natural Sciences in 2012, where opportunities for excellent students attending the college are provided so that they can grow skills in international leadership. Currently GLEAP is run under the motto “Connect Science, Illuminate World.” ‘Exchange’, ‘restoration of opportunity’, and ‘learning’ as the foundation, it is in the best interest of the organization to exchange ideas with others beyond boundaries, circulate opportunity, and form an international network among future scientists and engineers and step into the world. With these visions, GLEAP supports future global leaders as it holds yearly international exchange events and promotes various social services.


Purpose of Establishment

Excellent students attending College of Natural Sciences can exchange with other domestic and international student organizations, explore different cultures, and participate in various social services. In the process they learn international leadership skills and become actively involved as a part of College of Natural Sciences Honor Society.

Operating Status

- Year 2012 Inauguration, 1st year 14 members, 2nd year 19 members completed (Total 33 members completed)
- Year 2014 3rd year 16 active members
- Year 2015 4th year 20 active members

- Year 2016 5th year 16 active members

- Year 2017 6th year 20 active members

- Year 2018 7th year Now Recruiting


- Academic event holding and outreach activities support
- Support exchange with off campus organizations
- Provide international academic and cultural exploration opportunities
- After completion, a certificate is issued in the name of the Dean

Year 2018 Major activities statement

Time Activities major events
Mar. Application submission and selection. After submission, candidates are interviewed by Council of the Dean for selection
Apr. New standard-bearers inauguration and orientation Yearly activity planning, arrange sub-GLEAP groups
May. Night of the GLEAP Meeting with the old members, socializing among members
Jun. Summer Workshop Activity check and Summer Exploration planning
Jul. College of Natural Sciences Hands-on Experience Camp mentoring Each school / department takes charges of high school students mentoring
Aug. Overeas learning and cultural exploration Visit Taiwan National University and National Chiao Tung University, interact with students
Sep. irst semester activity review meeting Review meeting on the activities done throughout the first semester and check activities planned for the second semester
Oct. GLEAP Third maintenance GLEAP v2.0 discussion
Nov. Check fall workshop activities Promote interaction between students
Dec. Winter mentoring College of Natural Sciences Concert with GLEAP
January KPF second exchange Visit KAIST and hold seminars
Annual Regular meeting Held every Thursday, discuss activity-related matters
Annual Talk-Talk Mentoring with Gwanak-ku District Office Annually held for high school students
Annual Exchange with other student organizations KAIST KPF and SNU College of Engineering STEM

Year 2018 Main Events

College of Natural Sciences student, GPA 3.3 or above, and fulfill one of the following requirements
· GPA 3.7 or above
· Eligible for Advanced English Course
· College of Natural Sciences Internship Experience
· School-authorized organization experience (Student Council, etc)


- A certificate is issued for members who have actively participated in GLEAP throughout the year
- Certified only when you pass GLEAP standards and peer review